About Us

Mission Statement

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The mission and purpose of African Chil­dren’s Mission is to reach out to children in destitute circumstances, both physically and with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to enable them to grow and develop in a secure environment, using Christian values and principles as the foundation of its min­istry and programs, guiding them into a responsible, productive life, and discipling them through word and example.


Mission Overview

African Children’s Mission (ACM) is a nonprofit interde­nominational Christian mission organization registered in the state of Alabama. The administrative office is located in Birmingham, Alabama. Its ministry to children and families in rural Uganda and Kenya, East Africa, is operated under the direction of its Board of Directors, National Field Directors and Founders of the mission.

Small Boy in RagsACM supports orphaned, abandoned, abused and desperately poor children by providing education, food, clothing, medical and dental care. The children’s physical needs are met through the financial support of donors and Child Sponsors ministering in partnership with ACM. A sponsorship partner may be an individual, a church, or other group whose members want to help one or more children.

We are a faith ministry, funded by churches, foundations, small groups and individuals. A faith ministry relies upon God to supply all needs through the prayers and gifts of ministry partners working together to accomplish God’s purposes.

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Ryan's Pictures 052 (54)ACM serves using Godly values and principles as the foundation of our min­istry and programs. In addition to physical aid, the children receive Christian love and discipleship. Our approach to ministry and childcare enables them to grow and develop, becoming responsible, self-supporting adults. We provide a feeding ministry and Bible-based character development classes in schools, a 24/7 medical clinic, a child sponsorship program, a women’s ministry, vocational schools and Bible school for pastors and church leaders.


Our Heritage

Our First Six Children

God gave Wayne Daniel the vision of a Christian home for street children when he visited Meru, Kenya, in 1989.  He returned to Kenya with his wife, Mary, for three months the following year. They became resident field missionaries in September 1991, and established a ministry for orphaned, abandoned, homeless and destitute children in Meru. African Children’s Mission grew out of that ministry. They took in their first six children to live with them in 1992 (right).

The work began to evolve in February 1994, from an orphanage to the family home concept still used by ACM today. The children live with family members or in a home with foster parents who provide a traditional family environment. They are cared for with financial assistance from ACM.

Early in 1996, the ACM Board of Directors established a Child Sponsorship Program. In September of that year the ministry expanded to serve children in Uganda as well as in Kenya. Through this program, sponsors in partnership with the ministry provide financial support for the care of individual children, developing meaningful relationships through the exchange of letters, cards, and photographs. Now ACM supports hundreds of children and continues to grow each year.

African Children’s Mission was officially formed and registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in February 1996, as a support base in the United States to facilitate fundraising for the ministry’s work.  The Board of Directors of ACM provides financial and spiritual accountability for the ministry and its missionaries.

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