Where We Serve

AHI Cooking SchoolAfrican Children’s Mission serves in Uganda and Kenya, East Africa. The mission headquarters is located on Ekitangaala Ranch in Nakasongola District, Uganda. ACM has also established a branch mission in Bugiri District.

A sister ministry on the ranch is African Hospitality Institute (AHI), founded and directed by Maggie Josiah, who is a gourmet chef and home management expert. This vocational school offers training in culinary arts, restaurant and hotel operations and management, life skills and character development to poverty-stricken youth. AHI provides exceptional lodging and meals to ACM volunteers and mission teams.

Ankole CattleEkitangaala Ranch is a ministry of Cornerstone Development Uganda, another sister ministry of ACM.  Cornerstone is a charitable foundation which implements and supports development projects aimed at meeting the needs of the poor and disadvantaged in the Name of Christ. One of their missions is to produce men and women of integrity through outreach ministries for youth. Cornerstone is the formal structure under which Tim and Cathy Kreutter and their visiting volunteers have joined together to work in Uganda. Ekitangaala is a 1,272 acre cattle ranch located 70 miles north of the capital city, Kampala.  It consists of a working dairy ranch, a ranch staff

Cornerstone Leadership Academy

village, a primary school, secondary school, pastor and church leader training school, vocational training schools, and two advanced-level boarding schools (like a junior college), one specifically for orphaned and underprivileged boys.  The boys’ school (pictured at right) is called CLA (Cornerstone Leadership Academy).  There are about 60 students enrolled, ranging in age from 18 to 28.  There are about 100 men, women, and children who are permanent residents of the ranch.


Life on Ekitangaala Ranch

Volunteers visiting the ranch may be engaged in manual labor doing things like planting trees, working in the gardens, water project installation or repair, painting and basic construction work. The Ugandans watch the way our volunteers work.  Part of their impression of us is based on our degree of diligence. The fact that we do manual labor at all is a bit startling to them. They view manual labor as a job for those who have no other options. However, we have found that through nationals working together with visitors the role of the laborer has gained dignity.

3 Basungu in the VillageACM volunteers are always invited to visit children’s families in nearby villages. This activity is by far the favorite of our visitors. They also have some afternoons and evenings available for activities of their choice. This is a good time for personal study, reading, letter writing, discipleship, and building relationships with ranch residents. As the ranch community is large, there are many activities during the week. These include different events at the schools, such as sports and games. There is a weekly evening fellowship and two on Sunday mornings. Schedules include some of these activities, as well as work assignments on mission projects.

Ekitangaala Ranch is both a business and a community. As a business it employs people and seeks to generate a profit through the sale of cattle and milk. The profit is used to operate Cornerstone Leadership Academies for boys and girls, and the Ekitangaala Primary and Secondary Schools.

Gervasio Bible Class

As a community the Cornerstone, ACM, and AHI missionaries and staff leadership seek to create an atmosphere where people can live and work by the values of Christ. We seek to build the dignity and self-respect of all staff members, residents and students. People of very diverse backgrounds and cultures have been brought together to live, work and study together. Over the years Cornerstone, ACM and AHI missionaries have invested their lives toward creating this spirit of community among the various staffs working together on the ranch and with the local people. This spirit is felt and enjoyed by visitors to the ranch.


Serving the World

Hundreds of mission volunteers have visited ACM on the field since 1992 to share in the work we’ve been called to. During that time more than a dozen have become missionaries, evangelists, pastors and ministers of the Gospel! These servants have gone out, even to distant lands, each to answer God’s call on their life to serve in the Name of Christ.

Not everyone who comes to serve with the missionaries here go into the ministry or missions themselves. But, everyone who comes here does go home changed… touched… their life is not the same. The first experience of a third world culture is often like a treasure discovered by a first world heart. Serving those who have nothing and have never been served before is an incredibly awesome joy to both the server and the one they serve. For so many volunteers, their mission trip to Ekitangaala Ranch is unforgettable. And we are all better for the experience – nationals, visitors and missionaries.

We at ACM are privileged to be facilitators for the volunteers and mission teams who visit us. A huge part of why we are here is to pave the way for God to put others in a place where they can hear Him clearly and know what His direction for them is. We are confident and humbled that Ekitangaala is one of those places.