Feed Hungry Children

presentation_photo_selects_096_kttbIt’s hard to believe, but through African Children’s Mission you can feed children for just pennies a day! The children enjoy a hot, nutritious lunch at school every school day, and they really love the food. They eat a traditional meal of their culture.

The meal consists of posho, beans and a green vegetable. Posho is made from finely ground maize (corn), cooked in water until thick, the way those of us raised in the southern United States cook grits! When the pot of beans has cooked long enough that the beans are soft and have made a hardy soup, the greens are added for their vitamins and minerals. Collards are alternated with a local green leafy vegetable called dodo (doe’-doe). Other vegetables–cassava, Irish and sweet potatoes, cabbage, onion and eggplant–are added when each is at its harvest peek. Alternating the different foods is good for the children and also cost-effective. By purchasing what is available in the greatest abundance, we are able to keep the cost as low as possible. Look at what just pennies a day will do:

  • $2.63 provides a meal for a child each school day for a month!
  • $26.25 provides lunch for 10 children for a month!
  • $50 provides 400 meals — a meal for one day for 400 children!
  • $250 provides meals for a month for 95 children!
  • $1,000 can feed an entire school for a month!

Help us feed hungry children in East Africa–Donate Now! Thanks so much for your help!

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