Kayesu Annet

Kayesu Annet is 10 years old. She lives in the village of Buluta, Nakasongola District, Uganda, East Africa. Kayesu’s parents are living and both herd cows to provide for their family. Kayesu lives with her parents and four brothers, Moses, Fred, Steven and Bulengera. Their home is a small grass thatched mud hut. The children sleep on the dirt floor on bedding made of old rags and grass mats. Kayesu suffers from no serious health problems currently. However, most children in East Africa experience periodic dysentery, upper respiratory problems, and deadly malaria. The family’s diet consists of corn meal mush and milk. They cook outside over an open fire. Their toilet is an outdoor pit latrine. Kayesu is in grade 3 at Kamunina Primary School. She eats a hot nutritious lunch each school day through the ACM feeding ministry. Sponsorship makes it possible for Kayesu to continue her education and provides funds for food, clothing, and medical care.