Kigongo Richard

Kigongo Richard is 14 years old. He lives in the village of Kyakakyekere, Nakasongola District, Uganda, East Africa. Richard’s father died from liver disease in 1999.  His mother does casual labor when she can, but her income is very low. Richard lives with his mother, four brothers and two sisters. Their home is a small three room house of handmade mud bricks and a tin roof. The children sleep on the floor on bedding of old rags and grass mats. Richard suffers from no serious health problems currently, except for a cough. However, most children in East Africa experience periodic dysentery, upper respiratory problems, and deadly malaria. The family eats from a small garden, but there is no regular source of income to meet other basic needs. Their diet consists of potatoes and cassava, a root plant. They cook outside with a wood fire. Their toilet is an outdoor pit latrine. Richard is in grade 6 at Lwanjuki Primary School. Sponsorship makes it possible for Richard to continue his education and provides funds for food, clothing, and medical care.