Lubega Medical Clinic

In December 2002, Fred Lubega (age 14) stepped on a thorn causing his foot to became infected. Fred went to the local clinic, but it was closed for the holidays. The infection worsened, so his family had him treated by the local traditional healer (i.e. witch doctor).  Tragically, Fred’s infection worsened and turned septic. The day after Christmas, Fred went home to be with the Lord. Today, Fred is remembered as an energetic child who had a lot of potential. Sadly, his young life ended, because basic medical care was not available.

In memory of Fred and to prevent more people from dying of treatable illnesses, ACM opened the Lubega Medical Clinic. Our clinic provides first-line medical care 24/7, 365 days of the year, not only to our sponsored children, but also to a surrounding community of over 3,000 people.

Each year, ACM’s Lubega Clinic treats hundreds of cases of malaria, prescribes antibiotics for infections, delivers babies (one of our nurses is also a midwife), hosts public health education events, provides dental treatment including extractions and restorative care, and much more.

We are thankful for our many friends and donors whose support makes this clinic possible.

Fred Lubega
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We are so thankful to ACM’s sponsorship partners who make it possible for these girls to write their own stories… using pencils and pens. Their lives are radically different, because of you. Thank you for giving them a chance to unleash their potential.

Many young girls in Uganda never have a chance to go to school. Usually, this is due to financial hardship, cultural norms, or early pregnancy. These factors often make it difficult or impossible for a girl to finish primary (elementary) school, and even less likely to attain a high school or college education.

Send ACM a FB message, if you would like to learn how you too can change a child’s story through the gift of sponsorship.


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Lights. So Simple. So Helpful.

On my recent trip to Uganda, I had the privilege of visiting the home of a sponsored child named Achen. A few months ago, Achen's sponsor passed away. Amazingly, the sponsor's friends gave a financial gift to ensure Achen can continue to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. Having lights in her house is life changing for her whole family, but for Achen it enables her to study after dark.

To find out more about ACM's sponsorship program or how you can provide the gift of light to your sponsored child send us an email or Facebook message.

- David Semeyn
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Doris- ACM’s Logo Child

The picture featured in ACM’s original Logo, was taken the day Wayne and Mary Daniel, ACM’s Founders, met her in 1990.

Doris’ mother was mentally ill – a mad woman, as she was called in the town of Meru, Kenya. She was unable to protect herself from lustful men as she wandered the streets day and night. Her firstborn child was a girl, Doris’ older sister, who also suffered greatly with mental illness. The mother kept her first child locked in their home, a single, small room made of scraps of wood and tin.

The next birth in Doris’ family was a boy. Their mother murdered that child and spent seven years in prison for her crime. Doris was her third child. When the Daniel’s met Doris, she was stunted physically and mentally. She spent much of her time locked in the room with her older sister, living on the peelings of avocados. Another boy, Thomas was born. Then a girl named Purity. Their deeply disturbed mother led the girls to beat, burn, and torture Thomas.

When he was four years old, Thomas came to live with the Daniel’s, along with Purity and Doris. One day their mother demanded to have her girls returned to her. Legally, the Daniel’s could not refuse. A few years later Doris starved to death.

Although the plight of children in Africa is not always as tragic as it was for Doris, there continue to be many children, in dire circumstances, who need someone to walk alongside them, share the love of Jesus with them, and help provide their most basic needs during their most vulnerable years. By sponsoring a child through African Children’s Mission, you can change the life of a child forever.

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Praise God for what He has done and is doing in your ministry! I am coming back to work with another mission in Uganda. I will get to work in the North, which is where God has given me a burden. I am thankful that God led me to you first, because that experience prepared me for what He has called me to do next.
Carla, Alabama
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This was undoubtedly the best visit for me. The Art competition yielded more good candidates than we expected. Even though there were not many rules to the competition the secondary [high school] students provided outstanding art and in much variety. It was unbelievable at each school – a different culture at each. At one primary school I was mistaken for Jesus by one little girl. (I have a big reputation to live up to now.) The top 5 students at each school performed a play for their classmates and had people rolling in the floor with laughter. Thanks for all your love and support.
Rodger, Alabama
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One of our child sponsors just came back from a short-term mission trip with ACM. Here is her post. We have many children who desperately need a sponsor. Can you help?

Meeting my beautiful sponsor child, Vanessa, was such a great thing to experience while spending time in Uganda working with African Children's Mission. Sponsoring a child can be life changing for them and their families. Not only are their physical needs met but they are also poured into spiritually. I'm thankful that the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to sponsor her and meet her family. If you are interested in child sponsorship, please let me know or message me.

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I came to ACM to love and help God’s greatest creation. I feel that every opportunity before me was taken advantage of. Uganda’s children, students, praise and worship, villages, their appreciation and humor opened my eyes. Wherever I go in life, Uganda will be one of my constant memories that God exists. I have thanked God many times throughout everyday for bringing me here. And I thank you ACM missionaries and staff for using your lives to help visitors and the African people with your spiritual comfort, knowledge and hospitality.
Jesse, Texas
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Rob and I served one short summer term with you on the ranch in Uganda. We were with Daniel and Jess’s group. Rob and I married and we would love to sponsor a child. Could you tell me where I need to send the money? Is there anything else – a need – that Rob and I could help with? Just let us know! I can’t wait to be apart of the ministry again!
Ashley, Alabama
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I often remember my time with you on the ranch and honestly, count it is one of the best periods of my life. The time I spent with you has turned out to be a foundational period in my life where I can look back and see that the Lord was at work changing my heart and drawing me closer to Him. You were very instrumental in that work. Blessings on you and the team you have surrounding you in Uganda and in the States.
Dan, Washington
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The drought this year has devastated a lot of crops throughout Uganda and left millions in desperate need. The price of posho (a Ugandan staple) is up 38% since November. In the midst of this drought, we praise God! We praise God that ACM's gardens, which help feed 2,000 children, are doing well. The meals we provide these children are so important, especially in times of drought.

Please continue to pray for rain!

If you would like to help ACM continue to provide meals, during this season of drought, you may donate here:

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It seems as though I know you after all my son has told us about his summer with you. When we picked him up at the airport on his return home, he literally could not stop talking about everything that had happened, all the people he met, and doing things with the students, young and older. He spoke to our church on the Sunday after he returned and it was a very moving experience for me. Another thing that touched me deeply was listening to him sing one of the praise songs he wrote while on the ranch. To hear my 20-year-old son singing praises that had welled up within him truly did make me feel connected to him in a new way.
Debi, Texas
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