Mission Opportunities

There are four types of mission service with African Children’s Mission:

•  Short Term Mission Volunteer – Visits Uganda alone or on a team for 2 weeks to a year to work with field missionaries and Ugandan staff.
•  Summer Mission Internships – Available for students pursuing degrees in various programs, which are compatible with ACM’s work in Africa. Colleges and universities will often grant credits for their work on the field.
•  Long Term Field or Home Missionary – Spends a year or more as a Field Missionary or in a support role in the United States.
•  Career Missionary – Makes a commitment for field service or home support service for as long as the Lord leads and allows.

Ministries of ACM

African Children’s Mission is headquartered in Uganda, East Africa. Volunteers, interns, missionaries and mission teams serve with ACM on Ekitangaala Ranch located 70 miles north of the capital city of Kampala. It’s in a rural area, but is highly developed with our own infrastructure. Among the ministries of ACM are the following:

•  a feeding program in rural schools,
•  a 24/7 medical clinic,
•  a child sponsorship program,
•  a women’s ministry, which includes income-generation for families and
•  a school of theology for local pastors and church leaders.

ACM welcomes applicants for field missionary, volunteer or internship with willing hearts and hands, who are called to serve in short-term, long-term or career assignments. What is your calling? Whatever your skill set… no matter how God has gifted you… He can use you on the mission field! ACM has hosted more than 600 volunteers. Our mission is based in a lush and peaceful rural area in central Uganda.  Accommodations are comfortable enough for even the most timid volunteer new to third world missions. The needs of the ministry and of the people we serve are varied enough that all who visit have plenty of work to do. Since English is the official language, you can communicate with the children, teach, preach, evangelize and disciple easily. We host volunteers and mission teams year around, and summer mission opportunities and internships are available for Christian youth age 18 and above. Students younger than 18 must come with an adult.

There are more than two million orphan children in Uganda, desperately poor and in need of a helping hand! Many have no one to care for them. Others are abandoned at a young age. Some are street children, who live on the streets, eat from garbage cans and sleep on the ground, exposed to the weather and the chill of night. Some children have a home and parents but live their lives suffering from hunger and disease because they are so poor. They lack adequate food, clothing and medical care. They are without hope of an education – without hope for the future.

African Children’s Mission offers children in destitute circumstances the opportunity for a better life. Thousands of children receive aid through the ACM feeding ministry. They also receive Christian discipleship and love. Hundreds of these children – those in the greatest need – are fully supported by the ministry, either in the home of a family member or in a carefully selected foster home. They receive food, clothing, medical care, and education.

The need in East Africa is great. There are thousands more children orphaned or in extremely poor homes, who need help. Our vision is to reach out in loving care, providing help and hope to all the children God places before us. You can be part of this vision by serving with us as an ACM missionary or volunteer. You can help us give these children basic life needs that are vital for their welfare and encourage them with the knowledge that Jesus loves and cares about them. Your commitment will provide them desperately needed help for today and the treasure of hope for the future. We need you! Working together we can make a significant difference in the lives of these precious children! Learn more… »Team Testimonials      »Personnel Needs        »Serve with ACM       »Apply now!  Know someone else going on an ACM mission trip? »Help them go!

Mission Volunteers may participate in the following ministries:

•  Presentation of the evangelism film “Jesus” in rural villages
•  Opportunities to preach or teach in local churches
•  Discipleship with new Christians, adults, children and youth
•  Interaction with local adults and students, educationally and socially
•  Visiting village homes and families of the children / sharing your love with them
•  Meeting with the Women’s Ministry for prayer, Bible study, jewelry making or a meal
•  Working and playing with primary school orphans and destitute children
•  Ministries in music, drama, puppetry, Bible stories, sports, games, arts and crafts
•  Teaching opportunities in life skills and character development
•  Plan and participate in Activity Day
•  Have a 2-3 day Vacation Bible School
•  Projects involving construction, water systems, solar, biogas and agriculture

Student interns serve primarily in the ministry or ministries specific to their degree.

Recreational activities available for interns, mission volunteers and missionaries include volleyball and soccer at CLA (Cornerstone Leadership Academy), games and sports with the children at the primary school recess, cow milking, wild game safari, and souvenir shopping in Kampala, the capital and largest city in Uganda.