My Mission Experience

I came to ACM to love and help God’s greatest creation. I feel that every opportunity before me was taken advantage of. Uganda’s children, students, praise and worship, villages, their appreciation and humor opened my eyes. Wherever I go in life, Uganda will be one of my constant memories that God exists. I have thanked God many times throughout everyday for bringing me here. And I thank you [ACM missionaries and staff] for using your lives to help visitors and the African people with your spiritual comfort, knowledge and hospitality. Jesse, Texas

It seems as though I know you after all my son has told us about his summer with you. When we picked him up at the airport on his return home, he literally could not stop talking about everything that had happened, all the people he met, and doing things with the students, young and older. He spoke to our church on the Sunday after he returned and it was a very moving experience for me. Another thing that touched me deeply was listening to him sing one of the praise songs he wrote while on the ranch. To hear my 20-year-old son singing praises that had welled up within him truly did make me feel connected to him in a new way.
Debi, Texas

I often remember my time with you on the ranch and honestly, count it is one of the best periods of my life. The time I spent with you has turned out to be a foundational period in my life where I can look back and see that the Lord was at work changing my heart and drawing me closer to Him. You were very instrumental in that work. Blessings on you and the team you have surrounding you in Uganda and in the States.
Dan, Washington

Praise God for what He has done and is doing in your ministry! I am coming back to work with another mission in Uganda. I will get to work in the North, which is where God has given me a burden. I am thankful that God led me to you first, because that experience prepared me for what He has called me to do next.
Carla, Alabama

This was undoubtedly the best visit for me. The Art competition yielded more good candidates than we expected. Even though there were not many rules to the competition the secondary [high school] students provided outstanding art and in much variety. It was unbelievable at each school – a different culture at each. At one primary school I was mistaken for Jesus by one little girl. (I have a big reputation to live up to now.) The top 5 students at each school performed a play for their classmates and had people rolling in the floor with laughter. Thanks for all your love and support.
Rodger, Alabama

Rob and I served one short summer term with you on the ranch in Uganda. We were with Daniel and Jess’s group. Rob and I married and we would love to sponsor a child. Could you tell me where I need to send the money? Is there anything else – a need – that Rob and I could help with? Just let us know! I can’t wait to be apart of the ministry again!
Ashley, Alabama

My experience was outstanding. I loved working with and get to know so many different people at and around the ranch, and feeling like I had lived in Africa for a while, rather than being a tourist. The pace of each day provided time for conversation, reading and journaling in addition to mission activities. The opportunities to send e-mails home were great. Folks at home really appreciated hearing from us, knowing what we were doing and hearing about the people we were working with. That made our support team feel like they were part of our trip the whole time we were gone.
Linda, Texas

I came to Africa to see the children the Lord has blessed us to sponsor. I had another agenda I was excited about, the “African Adventure”. My actual experience will take me some time to articulate to friends and family. I do know this: I came to see what was going on here at ACM in Africa, but what God showed me was what was going on in me. I am grateful for the blessing that I experienced. I pray the effect on me will be lasting here on earth and eternal in heaven. Thank you.
Matthew, Texas

I have witnessed circumstances and efforts that will provide enduring life focus for me. Few of us can imagine the depth of need and the consequent opportunity without being here. We praise God that you are here providing moment-to-moment hope for the disillusioned, protection for the vulnerable and a Christian model for solving conflict without violence. My richest hope for you is that God blesses you here as generously as I have been blessed by having been here with you.
Robert, Texas

I wasn’t prepared for the relaxed atmosphere I found here on the ranch. The accommodations in the “African bush” are fabulous. Stress before the trip about safety or living conditions is unfounded. Be prepared to feel God’s guidance more pointedly and watch the children smile.
Randy, Texas

What this mission experience has meant to me: Praise God! His opening up my heart, mind and eyes to listen to Him. Meeting the people of Uganda wasn’t scary at all. I felt right at home. Our basic needs are so much alike. All of us are more alike than different. Thank you, Lord, for opening my heart to you and just letting you take over.
Denny, Wisconsin

My mission trip here was a praise of fellowship and eye opening. The kids, seeing where they come from, give my heart and eyes tears of joy, because they are so happy having nothing. We have lots, but they live on anything just to survive from one day to another. We are so blessed to have people who volunteer to come and help. May God bless you!
Jim, Wisconsin

Thank you so very much for your generosity and hospitality: finding us an inexpensive extraordinary safari experience; exceptional meals home and away; assuring we were safe; and sharing your ministry that has reminded the Wisconsin team to be humble in what we have and joyful for new relationships with our Ugandan brothers and sisters. Thanks, not only for us, but for the many teams, for interrupting your own lives for groups like us who grow by the activities you have exposed us to.
Tim, Wisconsin

Have we told you of our change in life plans since Africa? We are selling all we own in Wisconsin and moving to a cattle ranch we purchased in southern Missouri. Our future plans are to build a Boy’s Ranch to minister to boys in need before they reach the judicial system. It was our trip to Africa that convinced us this is what God wants us to do. It will also free us up to continue our work in Africa more easily. Thank you again for the most awesome experience.
Marc & Sue, Wisconsin

I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed my stay on the ranch this summer. It was a great experience that I will never forget. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn first hand about African Children’s Mission. I loved the people and the children are precious. God was so good. Everything went smoothly in all respects. I give God all the glory.
Florence, Maine

In addition to working at the schools, we did many other things. We went out “into the bush” and treated students medically. We administered quarterly de-worming medicine and cleansed wounds and burns. We pumped water for the ranch, built and repaired mud huts, visited with local families with children supported by ACM and many other things. One of the most culturally rewarding experiences was building relationships with the boys at the leadership academy. It was fun and interesting asking questions about their country and culture, and answering questions about ours. While we may be thousands of miles away and have so many technological differences, it is wonderful to realize that we serve the same God. At the end of the week we played a football game (what Americans call Soccer). Unfortunately, Team Uganda beat Team America by a score of 2 to 0. Maybe we can practice up and beat them next time we go!
Hundley, Georgia

Thank you so much for your prayers for Jeffrey and me. I am so excited for him to have this wonderful experience. God has indeed comforted me in his absence. Thank you once again for your prayers and encouragement as well as the amazing mission work you are doing. Thank you so much for letting Jeffrey come and share in your ministry to reach the people of Uganda for God.
Julia, Georgia

Thank you for this opportunity! I fell in love with Africa and with the people there. I already knew that God has called me to serve in missions full time once I graduate, but now I believe that He has called me to serve in missions in Africa full time. It felt like home to me. Thank you for letting me go!!!
Kristen, Georgia