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Thinking about going on an ACM mission trip?

Light map of AfricaThank you for visiting the ACM website! We are honored you are here. Since you’re reading about our mission opportunities, you must be at least considering a mission trip with us to East Africa. The Lord has greatly blessed ACM by allowing us to be a mission that offers to others who love and want to serve Him, an ideal location, great facilities and a wide variety of ministries in which to serve. On mission with ACM in Uganda you will meet some precious people, who though living in poverty, will bless your socks off!

There’s lots of work to be done here. Each year dozens of volunteers visit us from two weeks to three months. They take part in ministries including feeding, teaching, construction, water projects, evangelism, preaching, discipleship, medical ministries, agriculture, women’s ministry, craft projects, storytelling, music, puppetry and encouragement. Whatever talents and gifts God has given you He can use through you on the mission field!

Here’s how to apply…

The information and guidelines in our Mission Volunteer Manual are intended to help you prepare for your trip and to help make your mission visit to Africa one of the best experiences of your Christian life! The manual includes an important section on Preliminary Preparations that explains what you will need to do and when you should do it. It’s critical that you apply for a passport early if you don’t already have one that is valid for six months after your return to the U.S. Please complete and submit the Required Documents as early in your planning as possible. Submitting the forms in no way obligates you to us, but doing so six months prior to your desired departure date is needed for the process of preparing for your mission trip. You may fill out and submit required documentation in hard copy or electronically. Please print the Pastor Recommendation and Recommendation Request letter, place them in an envelope addressed to ACM to give to your pastor. Ask him to fill out the Pastor Recommendation and mail to our U.S. office or to submit his recommendation electronically from our website. We will need your Pastor’s Recommendation, as well as all other documentation in order to begin your approval process.

You will be responsible for obtaining your own passport and visa (we tell you in the manual the best way to get the visa) and your immunizations (see the suggested list in the manual). Our Administrator will take care of making your airline reservation and buying your ticket through a travel agent for mission organizations, which offers airfares at reduced rates. It’s important that airline reservations be made as early as possible and tickets purchased at least four months prior to your date of travel.  Flights fill up early and preparations must be made for you in the field in advance of your arrival. So, the funds for your trip must be submitted to the ACM U.S. office in accordance with the schedule outlined in the Volunteer Policies and Procedures and in the Mission Countdown, both in the manual.

We will also help you get started on fundraising for your trip. This, too, will be important for you to begin months before your planned departure.

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To apply for approval to work with ACM on a mission trip to Uganda, click here »Apply Now! When your documents are received you will be contacted by email or phone. We are looking forward to meeting and working with you!

If you haven’t found the ministry that fits you just right, we recommend that you check out the Finishers Project.