Mission Policies

•  ACM missionaries and volunteers raise their personal and ministry support by faith, each through their own financial partners. We are a faith ministry, funded by churches, foundations, small groups and individuals. A faith ministry relies upon God to supply all needs through the prayers and gifts of ministry partners working together to accomplish God’s purposes.

•  Long Term or Career Field Missionaries with ACM must spend three months on the field in Uganda before committing to a longer term of service. They receive guidance and logistical assistance in preparation for service with ACM. Arrangements for transportation, accommodations, meals, escorts and other cooperative assistance are provided by ACM for mission teams, individual volunteers and missionaries.

•  In order to assure members and partners of our organization’s adherence to full financial accountability and Godly ethics, ACM is a proud member of the Evangelic Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

•  For a full description of our Mission Volunteer Policies and Procedures, see the Mission Volunteer Manual.