Missionaries and Visitors

Kids walkingWe have had so many wonderful missionaries and mission volunteer visitors to the ranch this year!  While working on our semi-annual report to the ACM Board of Directors, we were again reminded of the special people God has led to ACM and the loving work they have accomplished through Him to serve His people in Uganda.

Tori Mentoring

Here are just a few of the things these 32 missionaries and visitors have accomplished with the help of our national staff in the first six months of 2015:

  • Taught classes at the Bible Training Center for Pastors and Church Leaders
  • Led bible studies at Cornerstone Leadership Academy
  • Encouraged our women in the Proverbs 31 beading ministry
  • Assisted our Children’s Department with organizing clothing, distributing school uniforms to our sponsored children, and helped put on several Activity Days at local schools
  • Helped manage bookkeeping in the field
  • Led evangelism efforts at Ekitangaala Transformation High School
  • Distributed mosquito nets to local families
  • Helped repair a well, bringing much needed clean water to a local community
  • Painted classrooms at local primary schools
  • Mudded huts for elderly community members
  • Tutored students at local primary schools
  • Helped establish a mentoring program at both primary and secondary schools
  • Taught nutrition and gardening basics to local community members
  • Taught music classes at a local primary school
  • Taught reading and math at a local primary school
  • Led a Wound Clinic to help many community members who had not sought medical treatment for their injuries
  • Preached the gospel at a Sunday morning service for a local church
  • Visited with many of our sponsored children and their families and prayed with them
  • Worshipped with their new friends at several different community worship services
  • Encouraged our local staff and missionaries who stay and do the really hard work!Team pic 2015