Mugalula Moses

Mugalula Moses is 6 years old and lives in the village of Kyeyindula, Nakasongola District, Uganda, East Africa. Moses’ parents are divorced and his father provides no support for him. Moses lives with his mother and seven cousins whom his mother is also raising in addition to Moses. His mother farms on two acres of land and sells the produce she raises to provide for her large family. Their two-room home is a small grass thatched mud hut. The children sleep on the dirt floor on bedding made of old clothes or rags. Moses suffers from health problems such as intestinal worms, dysentery and malaria, like so many children in East Africa. Because the income is not regular, it does not meet basic needs. The family eats from their small garden. They cook outside over an open wood fire.  They commonly eat sweet potatoes and matooke, which is steamed bananas. Moses eats lunch every school day through the ACM school lunch ministry. Moses is in grade 1 at Kyeyindula Primary School. Sponsorship makes it possible for Moses to continue attending school and provides funds for food, clothing and medical care.