In rural Uganda, basic medical care is often the difference between life and death. In 2004, we opened the Lubega Memorial Medical Clinic in memory of Fred Lubega, a 14-year-old boy who died of sepsis after stepping on a thorn. The Lubega Clinic provides medical care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to serving ACM’s sponsored children, it also serves the surrounding community of over 3,000 people. Your support of the Lubega Clinic helps provide:

  • Full-time, first line medical & dental services
  • Free medical care to ACM sponsored children and ACM staff
  • Free medical consultation for over 3,000 residents in the local area
  • Intestinal worm treatments for all children at partnering schools
  • Medications and supplies to patients at a subsidized price
  • Malaria testing and treatments at half the cost
  • Public health and disease prevention programs
  • Health education at ACM activity day assemblies
  • Prayer for patients at the clinic daily

Proverbs 31 Women’s Ministry, a ministry of ACM, is an encouragement, prayer, and income-generating support group for widows and destitute women of rural and urban communities in Uganda and Kenya.

Some of the members in our area are mothers or grandmothers of ACM sponsored children. For these women and their children life is an everyday struggle just to survive. Many of the women suffer from serious medical conditions. Some of the woman are HIV positive. Hard work has been no stranger to these women since they were old enough to carry water or firewood with their mothers. However, disabling diseases make physical labor impossible for some of these ladies.

Proverb’s 31 Women’s Ministry members construct jewelry of high quality to sell in America through ACM. This financial increase provides a source of dignity for the women and their families. Excitement over the empowerment these women are experiencing is contagious. More women are joining the beading groups, both in the city and in remote villages. In these rural locations, this small venture by a group of industrious women, plays a large part of the transformation seen around the community.


Since ACM began, we have constructed over forty permanent buildings including school classrooms, school libraries, school kitchens, teacher houses, a conference center, guest house rooms, church buildings, a medical clinic, and a pastor training center. Any projects we do in the community are done with a partnership mentality and sustainability in mind. For instance, when helping a school build a classroom, we often ask the school to first build the walls. Then, we provide them with the roof. The same is true when partnering with local churches who are ready to build a building.

These projects have been made possible through donations. Even a small monetary investment can change an entire school and provide better learning opportunities!


Access to clean water is essential to the health and well-being of our local communities. Drinking contaminated water often brings illness and death so we partner with local communities to provide clean water. ACM partners with local communities to provide clean water. Often, our neighbors cannot afford to buy the supplies needed to drill a well, but they can help with the labor. We, at ACM, partner with local villages by providing the services of an experienced well mechanic and the materials needed to install new wells or to repair broken wells. We also train members of the local community to maintain the wells.