What We Do

Mary_Wayne & Little MatthewWhen Wayne and Mary stepped off the airplane onto Kenyan soil as brand new resident field missionaries… we didn’t know exactly what God planned for us to do. All we knew was that God had placed it on our hearts to go to Africa and help the children there. Street children. Those dirty little ragamuffins with tattered clothes that reeked of aged urine, who slept every night huddled together on the ground in the park or on a sidewalk under storefront awnings. The town’s people thought of them as urchins, beggars and trouble-makers. Some even saw them as worthless trash, no better than the garbage they ate from trash bins on the streets.

Street Boys of Meru 1We saw them through different eyes, the eyes of Jesus. All we saw were precious, helpless children, who needed help… needed God. When we left Kenya to begin the work in Uganda, our Kenyan staff took over the care of the children and operation of the mission. Most of the street kids in our town had been rehabilitated. The rest preferred the freedom of roaming the streets to the restrictions of living under someone else’s authority. We investigated and found that many children who live at home with one parent or a non-parent guardian often live in abject poverty. Realizing that those children needed help, too, we opened our hearts and doors to them.

Wayne and mary with kidsHundreds of children later and more than 22 years after our mission adventure began, we marvel at what God has done through African Children’s Mission, regardless of our level of preparedness, in spite of our shortcomings! He taught us as we followed Him and used us as we learned to trust Him more. What we do now is a reflection of what we have learned from God; what we don’t do, we have learned not to by sometimes trying to do things our own way.

The ministries of African Children’s Mission currently include Children’s Ministry, Education, Feeding Ministry, Evangelism, Discipleship, Pastor Training, Medical Ministry, Community Development, Clean Water Ministry, Women’s Ministry and Hosting Mission Teams.