BTCP Building
In 2001 ACM purchased land and began building a theology center for the teaching and understanding of God’s Word.

•The Bible Training Center for Pastors and Church Leaders (BTCP) operates throughout the year to train local pastors and church leaders in a formal course of theological studies. The main hall, kitchen, and dining room are completed and in operation. A dormitory for the student pastors and church leaders is planned. Construction will continue on this project as funding is available.

•BTCP also conducts mobile classes in remote villages.

If God leads you to help with the BTCP facilities or to support the ministry of BTCP by providing Bibles and curriculum study materials for student pastors, simply express your wishes by designating “BTCP dormitory” or “BTCP books” on your check when giving by mail or in the instructions space on the checkout page when giving online. Thank you for helping us prepare Ugandan pastors and church leaders to teach God’s truths accurately and effectively!

•Another facet of BTCP, enriching the training for pastors, is the media resource ministry of Raise UpLearn more

•The school lunch feeding ministry opens the door to teach Bible-based character development classes each week in local primary schools. This program benefits the children through discipleship, evangelism and an opportunity to develop good character traits and relationship skills.

•Missionaries, volunteers and national staff teach a Sunday morning Bible study in the Cornerstone Leadership Academy chapel on Ekitangaala Ranch.