Activity Day

Once a month on Saturday in each of the four areas on and surrounding Ekitangaala Ranch, ACM calls together the Painting a Rainbowsponsored children of that area for an event we call Activity Day. Like a one day Vacation Bible School, the children gather to enjoy singing, games, Bible story time, arts and crafts, and refreshments. They sometimes entertain each other and visiting guests with singing, drama, dancing or puppetry. Activity Day assembly may include receiving letters from and writing answers to their Sponsorship Partners. Or a health and hygiene lesson by a clinic nurse. Or clothing distribution.

This is a great time for visiting volunteers to meet and interact with the children, and for the nurse or staff member to notice that a child looks or behaves as if he/she is not well. Activity Day is also when the staff takes the much appreciated annual photographs of the children, which are mailed to their sponsors each December in handmade Christmas cards from the children.

Near Christmastime the occasion is celebrated in a special way as a consolidated group made up of the ACM sponsored children in each district. They feast on a special meal of rice, vegetables, meat and a Ugandan favorite, a thin flat bread cooked with oil, called a chapati. Gifts for the children are made possible through additional financial donations given by sponsors and donors designated for Christmas. Team members and volunteers experience Activity Day when they visit us on a mission trip to Uganda.

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EPS DancersAct Day singing