Child Sponsorship

              Sebuyungo Yassin

Sebuyungo YassinSebuyungo Yassin is just one of more than two million orphans in Uganda, East Africa. His parents both died from AIDS when he was six years old. He and his two sisters were raised by their grandmother in a grass thatched mud hut home.  They slept on the dirt floor on bedding made of old rags and thin grass mats.

Even as a young child Sebuyungo worked hard at home and studied hard at school, but he missed five years of school because his family had no money to pay the required fees.

Sebuyungo and his sisters have suffered from the common health problems and endemic diseases, which children in East Africa typically experience, such as intestinal worms, dysentery, frequent upper respiratory infections, headaches, fevers and deadly malaria.  Most rural families have no toilet facility. Some have an outdoor pit latrine.

Mikeg0086Families like Sebuyungo’s usually have no land for growing food and no source of regular income to meet even their basic needs. Meals often consist of a root plant called cassava, cooked outside over an open wood fire in a pot balanced on stones. After a rain a termite hatch-out provides tiny fresh or sun dried morsels of protein.

Sponsorship through African Children’s Mission meets critical needs of children like Sebuyungo by providing education, food, clothing and medical care. You can help us meet those needs by becoming a Child Sponsorship Partner!


A child who has qualified for support through a thorough background investigation receives the following assistance through ACM:

  • Payment of school fees through secondary school
  • Supplied with books and materials
  • School uniforms and other clothing
  • Food through the school lunch feeding ministry
  • Medical Care
  • Dental Care
  • Christian counseling and mentoring
  • A sponsor partner with whom to communicate
  • Monthly Activity Day

When you become a Child Sponsorship Partner with African Children’s Mission the name of your sponsored child, background information and photo will be mailed to you after we receive your request for a child to sponsor, along with your first sponsorship gift.  Click here for more information about sponsoring a child.