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African Children’s Mission ministers to orphaned, abandoned, abused and desperately poor children in Kenya and Uganda, East Africa. We offer children an opportunity for a better life. Thousands of children are receiving aid through the ACM feeding ministry and hundreds are fully supported in either the home of a family member or in a carefully selected foster home. They are provided with life’s essential needs – food, clothing and medical care. They attend school. They learn life skills and Christian discipleship. They see love demonstrated and experience it themselves.

_39_3935The need in East Africa is great. There are thousands more children in desperately poor homes in remote villages who need help. The children’s needs are met through the financial support of Child Sponsors ministering in partnership with us. Our vision is to reach out in loving care, providing help, comfort and hope to all the children God places before us. You can be a part of this vision through your prayers and financial support. »Sponsor a child now!

You can give a child the basic life needs that are vital for their welfare. Your sponsorship will provide a child in East Africa with education, uniforms, books and school supplies, food, clothing, medical and dental care. You will develop a meaningful relationship with your sponsored child through the exchange of letters, cards and photographs. You will encourage him or her with the knowledge that through you, Jesus loves and cares about them. You will give them help for today and hope for the future.

We need you! Thank you for your desire to help a desperately needy child. Working together in partnership we can make a tremendous difference in the lives of these precious children!

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Our Commitment

Tailoring ClassOur commitments to the children we serve and to you are of utmost importance to us. We are committed to providing good physical care and education to children whose lives otherwise offer no hope for today or the future. We believe in the development of character, as well as academic and vocational skills, rather than in temporary relief or counterproductive handouts. We have seen this approach produce results in those young people who have graduated and are now self-sufficient.

We are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with every child in our sponsorship program and to providing regular opportunities for Christian growth. All activities are conducted by staff members and volunteers who are dedicated to their work through a genuine love for the children.

We are committed to good stewardship of the funds you have entrusted to us and to complete honesty in reporting to you how those funds are used. We thoroughly investigate each child’s circumstances to insure that we are good stewards of God’s money. We are dedicated to serving with integrity and accountability as primary goals of the mission. A minimum of 80% of all child sponsorship funds is used in the field in direct support of the children sponsored, and your child will always have only one sponsor.


Your Commitment

IMG_6517The financial commitment for sponsorship of a child is $30 monthly, $90 quarterly, $180 semi-annually or $360 annually.  For your convenience a return envelope will be mailed to you with each tax deductible receipt. Or you may choose to go paperless at your request. With our online payment options you will receive your receipts by email, except for your year-end statement, which will be sent by mail unless you request it to be sent electronically.

Our Sponsorship Guidelines include helpful tips for writing to your sponsored child. If you have questions about your role as sponsor or about African Children’s Mission, please do not hesitate to ask. It’s easy to contact us. Child Sponsorship Partners are a special blessing to ACM and are truly appreciated as a vital part of this ministry to orphans and needy children.


Sponsor a child by mail                   Sponsor a child online