Sponsor by Mail Form

 Printable Sponsor by Mail Form

If you prefer to manage your child sponsorship by mail, by all means please feel free to do so.  Just print this form, fill it out and mail it to us with your check or money order. You may choose whether to receive your receipts by mail or email.

YES! I want to become a sponsorship partner and help to change the life of a child.

You can count on me to provide support in the amount of $30.00 per month per child.

I want to sponsor ______ children (number of children).

I will send my check  ___Monthly   ___Quarterly   ___Semi-annually   ___Annually.

Enclosed with this form please find my first check in the amount of                           .

I want to receive my receipts by mail _____  by email               

Name                                                         Email                                                        

Address                                                           Phone (_____)                                      

City                                                                    State __________  Zip                       

Please make checks payable to African Children’s Mission and mail to:

P.O. Box 26470, Birmingham, Alabama 35260

Your gift will be tax deductible and receipted.  Thank you!

Online payment options are also available at africanchildrensmission.org.