Sponsorship Guidelines

Bonnie Moore closeupBecoming a Child Sponsorship Partner means more than just the gift you send for your sponsored child’s financial support. In addition to your financial help there are other ways you can make a significant difference in your child’s life. Sponsored children benefit from having both consistent support and a new friend!

You are an important part of your child’s life and mean more to him or her than you may ever know. Your prayers for your child’s health, education and spiritual development are vital. Corresponding with your child will make your relationship even more meaningful. You can communicate love and care by sending letters, cards and photographs. Your sponsored child will take great delight in your letters as well as in the love that is demonstrated by your desire to help them. You can expect to receive communication from him or her twice a year. By writing to them you will encourage him or her to write more often.

Wayne with studentsWriting letters to your sponsored child will be easy and rewarding. Keep them short and simple. Write about yourself, your family, pets, hobbies, places you go, sights you see, and things you do for fun. Describe the area where you live or what sort of work you do. Encourage him or her to do well in school or to be strong in character or faithful in following the teachings of Jesus. Words of encouragement are always good.

Please don’t ask your child what you could send to him or her as a gift from you. Don’t suggest that you would like for your child to visit you. Avoid slang expressions and colloquialisms, which would not be understood. Unborn babies are not discussed in this culture, so it is impolite to say that someone is pregnant, expecting or has a baby on the way. Please do not write your return address on your letter. Write it only on the envelope.









If you wish to enclose a gift in your letter, include items such as a postcard, greeting card, bookmark, stickers, Christmas or Easter seals, pictures drawn or colored by your own or other children, colorful or interesting magazine pictures or photographs of you and your family. In respect for the culture, some photographs should be avoided, such as ladies wearing slacks, shorts, midriffs or miniskirts, men without a shirt, or anyone wearing a swimsuit. Please do not emphasize your economic differences, such as sending a photo of your home or car, (your sponsored child may live in a tiny mud hut). Try to show or talk about ways in which you may be alike.

Letters are received through our USA office and forwarded to your child in Africa. Address letters to your child, including their file number, in care of ACM at our USA office address. Please do not mail cash, checks or money orders in the same envelope with a card or letter addressed to your child. Just as important, please do not mail cash, checks or money orders to our address in Africa.


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