Classroom under a treeEducation is a way out of the poverty cycle, but there is no free public education in Uganda. The government provides a few teachers and supplies, but no facilities. The rest is up to the parents to provide. Some children actually help their parents build a school for their community!

Kids lined up at Kyeyindula



In cooperation with our local communities, ACM has built classrooms to improve the children’s education.

children in library 1The libraries in Ekitangaala Primary and Secondary Schools are the best in the district.

We provide qualified teachers and text books. In most schools only the teacher has a book, and the students spend hours copying from the blackboard.

English reading practiceWe conduct reading programs to increase the students’ learning abilities in all their classes. We provide school tuition for children in primary and secondary schools.

Our children are enrolled in public or mission-operated schools from first grade through university. However, because of the high cost of higher education, the only ACM sponsored students who attend university are those who have earned a scholarship with exceptional grades. Duncan & family PL

Some of our students participate in vocational training, like Duncan (right), who is now a successful auto mechanic.

Hundreds of ACM students have graduated from school through the Child Sponsorship Program and are now employed and self-supporting. Many graduates are married and are raising families of their own.

Education for children in rural East Africa makes a significant difference in their lives now and for the future. Sponsor a child to enroll them in school and provide much more to meet their basic needs, or make a financial gift to help build classrooms and hire teachers. Thank you so much for your gift!