e building staff housingIn the years since ACM has served in Uganda we have constructed more than forty permanent buildings, including classrooms, libraries, feeding ministry kitchens, vocational school facilities, latrines and showers, teacher and staff housing, missionary houses, guest house rooms, water well pump houses, biogas energy system, ACM field office, Bible Training Center for Pastors, Raise Up Media Center and Lubega Memorial Medical Clinic.

Construction in our area is engineered with concrete, steel and locally handmade mud and straw bricks. This is because termites are abundant in our area and destroy anything made of wood. Let me share with you some interesting related facts:

  1. •Some termite hills are as tall as a man, or even an African hut.
  2. •If you leave a piece of lumber laying flat on the ground overnight, the next morning 1/8” of the bottom side will be gone, eaten by termites.
  3. •Most children and some adults eat live, dried and fried termites. Each tiny morsel adds protein to their diet and have a nut-like flavor and crunch, especially when fried. mmm!
  4. •As missionaries who love an adventure, we have tried them all!

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